How To Use Albion Craft Calculator

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2023-12-07 - general

Do you want to start your crafting journey in Albion Online? Our item craft calculator at is your perfect companion! Here's how it simplifies the process:

Decide What to Craft: Start by selecting the item you wish to create. Browse through categories like Accessories, Armor, Magic, Melee, Off-Hand, and Ranged.

Choose Your Item: After picking a category, drill down into the subcategories to find your desired item.

Set Crafting Parameters:

Usage Fee: This defaults to 400, but adjust it based on the crafting station you plan to use.

Resource Return Rate: The default is 48%. Enter the return rate you expect to receive.

Tier and Enchantment: Decide the tier and enchantment level for your item.

Understand Crafting Requirements: Once you've made your selections, you'll see an image of your item and its crafting needs. If you're new to crafting, don't worry - has got your back with detailed guides and tips.

Input Prices Carefully: Remember to enter the unit price in the price inputs. The first field is for the selling price of the crafted item, either based on market rates or your desired selling price. Below that, input the cost of resources, whether purchased or acquired otherwise.

Interpret the Calculations: The calculator will display your total cost and potential profit. A green background indicates profit, while a red background signifies a loss.

Consider Additional Factors:

Resource Return Rate: This shows the quantity and total price of resources you'll recover post-crafting.

Sell Order Tax: Set by default at 6.5%. If you're selling directly to players, you can exclude this from your profit calculations for a more accurate figure.

Our tool is designed to be user-friendly yet thorough, ensuring you make informed decisions whether you're a novice or a seasoned crafter in Albion Online. Start optimizing your crafting strategy today at!


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